Daniel W. Zorich, M.D.

Daniel W. Zorich, M.D.

Board Certified – Family Medicine

We know, we know! You went to a fancy school! You have outstanding credentials! You specialize in words that are hard to pronounce, right? Let's skip the boring details… What I can tell you is that, without a doubt, my patients have taught me more about medicine than any school or textbook ever will, and I look forward to continuing my education.

For me, family medicine provides wonderful variety and unique experiences with each day, each patient, and each puzzle… as I recall one of my mentors describing his excitement and his approach to the challenge of medicine – "It's like entering the theatre in the middle of a movie. The story may not make sense at first, give it time."
For those who just have to have the details, I graduated summa cum laude in 1992 from SUNY at Buffalo with an early acceptance scholarship to the university's School of Medicine, as well as my B.A. after studying physical anthropology. In 1996, I received my medical degree and went on to complete my residency training with the Niagara Falls Family Medicine Residency Program. Finally, I partnered with my colleagues here at Niagara Family Medicine Associates, with whom I am proud to have been practicing since 1999.

More Than Medicine

Outside of medicine, some of my interests include drawing and design, music, and trying to stay fit. I also enjoy rooting for our Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, and well, perhaps "enjoy" isn't the right verbiage… someday, however, we will hopefully realize a championship! Most importantly, I love being a husband and a father to my two growing boys who, by the way, are also teaching me new lessons… almost every day! "FAMILY" is what it's all about.
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